Area Sales Manager

Work Type: Fixed Term Contract

Zolve’s mission is simple: we want to make financial products accessible to everyone. Zolve offers the ambitious a plethora of products to simplify banking in the US, such as:
  • A Bank Account you can create from anywhere in the world in under five minutes
  • A high-limit Credit Card that helps build a healthy credit score
  • Easy, lightning-fast, cross-border money transfers with the best rates in the market
Zolve is expanding its horizons, and we’re excited to open our doors to everyone expanding theirs.
We believe: that if space tourism is real, so is reaching for the stars.

  • Manage and take ownership of content - from long-form pieces to short-form bite-sized content.
     Lead a team of 1-10 junior field agents to drive sales and marketing activities at the stationed location
  • Monitor the junior field agents, understand their grievances, and share corrective feedback whenever required.
  • Work closely with the point of contact from Zolve to share regular updates and plan marketing initiatives at the stationed location.
  • Build and maintain relationships with Zolve’s local partners near the stationed location to help drive the marketing activities.
  • Pitch the Zolve product to potential customers and make them download the Zolve App and sign-up.
  • Share the collected leads data with the Zolve’s point of contact daily.
  • Work with local shops to procure any marketing material and get it reimbursed from Zolve.
  • Perform any other sales & marketing activity at the stationed location as discussed with the Zolve point of contact

  • 4+ years of experience in field sales
  • Possess excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Excellent pitching and convincing skills
  • Fluent English and any one local language (Telugu, Tamil, Hindi – as applicable)
  • Open for travelling
  • Job Locations- Chennai/Hyderabad and Delhi

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